ESI Aloe Fresh Gel Toothpaste Whitening Paste 100ml


Whitening toothpaste

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This toothpaste contains Natural substances, and has a unique combination of natural active ingredients that naturally whiten and brighten your smile. It contains MICROGRANULES of silica which have a scrubbing effect on the teeth: the gentle cleaning action is non-irritating to the gums and non-aggressive on the tooth enamel.
This product is Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free, and is free of any detergents and bleaches that can be of particularly damaging to tooth enamel and gums.
ALOE FRESH toothpaste doesn’t contain menthol and does not interfere with homeopathic remedies.
Free from: Fluorine, Parabens, Saccharin, SLES and SLS

Properly brush your teeth at least one minute after every meal.

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