Drasanvi Sport Live Iso Whey Protein 800g


Whey protein


Drasanvi Sport Live Iso Whey Protein is the ideal complement for athletes. It is formulated with high purity proteins that come from the whey isolated from the milk. Thus, it promotes muscle development and recovery. Moreover, it is a low carbohydrate food supplement with a delicious flavor. In addition, it is easy to dissolve.
Drasanvi Sport Live Iso Whey Protein contains milk and soya.
Finally, it contains no colourings, preservatives or added sugars.

Leucine: favours the regulation of the metabolism, favouring the good functioning of the insulin.
Glutamine: contributes directly to tissue reconstruction and formation.
Magnesium: participates in energy metabolism, participates in nerve contraction and nerve transmission and is responsible for maintaining healthy teeth, heart and bones.


Dissolve 30g (3/4 of the dosing scoop) in 250 – 300ml of water or semi-skimmed milk;
Take after exercise.

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