Calmoreal Fast Acting Natural Anti-Stress Formula 30 tablets

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Calmoreal is formulated to assist the body in surviving those stressful times when rest and relaxation are much needed.
It has a tranquilizing quality and increases blood flow to stressed tissues.

When the body is under stress, nutrition is depleted quickly! This Unique formula of valerian officinalis
extract and 5-HTP, combined with other 100% natural Synergistic Ingredients will furnish and build the nervous system enabling you to restore Serotonin and increase blood flow to the brain.

When Anxiety is taking a toll, your body knows it, you will have trouble sleeping, eating, concentrating, you get headaches, your stomach is upset, you might even have panic attacks.
When anxiety becomes so overwhelming, it may also feel like depression, it interferes with Day to Day activities by keeping you from going places and doing things you need to do. That is when you need Calmoreal’s help.

Adults take one to two (1-2) tablets daily with food or as directed by your health care professional.

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