Avene Eau Thermale SPF 50+ Spray For Children 200 mL

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Avène Sun Care SPF50+ Spray for Children 200ml

sunscreen for Children, fragrance-free, and thus also designed to fragrance-allergic skins.

Apply to each exposed body zone, before all sun exposure (face, entire arms and legs, cleavage and stomach, entire back). Re-apply frequently.

Soften and calm fragile and/or sensitive skin.





Avene Children Spray SPF50 is a fragrance-free , designed for fragrance-allergic skins, sun-hypersensitive skins, fair and milky skins (blond hair, red hair), skins that are always prone to sunburn and more generally, all the skins that are subjected to intense shining.

– First , its photoprotective complex combined to an optimized, stable and time-effective galenic, offers the best protection against UVB and short/long UVA.

– Also , it protects cells from free radicals.

– Moreover , it is Very rich in Avene thermal spring water which restores all its soothing and anti-irritant properties.

  • Finally , Highly resistant to water, light and fluid texture protects and moisturizes sensitive skin, in particular the child’s sensitive skin.

This lotion provides a very broad protection from UV spectrum, through an exclusive combination of actives, the SunSitive protection resulting from Pierre Fabre research.

Application :

Apply Avene Children Spray SPF50 to each exposed body zone, before all sun exposure . Re-apply frequently.

Ingredients :

-Pre-Tocopheryl, a precursor of Vitamin E, confers antioxidant benefits to the skin, protecting it from free radical damage.
-Avène Thermal Spring Water has a unique, rich, and stable composition, which makes it particularly suitable to soothe.

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