Alfa Vitamins Folic Acid 800 mcg 100 Tablets

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  • Supports life-sustaining functions in the human body
  • Aids in energy production in the body and red blood cells
  • Supports the immune system and brain function
  • Supports the proper development of nerve cells in the fetus during pregnancy
  • With powerful anti-anxiety activity
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Alfa Folic Acid is a folate dietary supplement which is an essential factor for red blood cells’ synthesis and cell growth and functioning. It also aids in reducing may depression symptoms when taken with antidepressant medications. Moreover, Alfa Folic Acid may help in the proper development of fetus during pregnancy and in protection from life-threatening birth defects of the brain and spine. 


Folate as folic acid


Take 1 tablet daily as a dietary supplement and preferably with a meal.

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