Advancis Extra Cough Relief Syrup 100ml

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  • Cough relief syrup
  • When to Recommend:
    -Irritation of the airways.
    -Symptomatic relief of the cough.
    -Cough associated with cold or flu.
    -First symptoms of cough.

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Advancis Extra Cough Relief Syrup is sugar free syrup, which has a symbiotic action of several plants of traditional use. These plants indeed confer these formulation unique properties. They contribute to soothing effect on the airways, helping to relief cough and also sore throat sensation.

This cough syrup is composed of a combination of botanical extracts to relieve chest congestion, cough and sore throat. Suitable for children and also adults as well.

Advancis Extra Cough Relief Syrup is a food supplement consists from thyme, Iceland moss, Elderberry, Lavender, Pine, Clove and Oregano. This association of plants is an aid in relieving chesty cough and surely decreasing the sensation of an irritated throat.


Children 6-12 years old: take 1 teaspoon (5ml) 3 times daily.
Adults: take 1 dessert spoon (10ml) 3 times daily. The syrup may be in water or juice.

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