Aderma Epithelial AH DUO Ultra-Repairing Cream 40ml

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Aderma Epithelial AH DUO Ultra-Repairing Cream is a repairing care for damaged skin which accelerates the skin’s natural healing process.

Promotes the repair of fragile skin, provides long lasting hydration, minimizes the appearance of scars and marks left behind by previous lesions.

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Aderma Epithelial AH DUO Ultra-Repairing Cream repairs damaged skin as a result of superficial dermatological procedures and skin changes that can leave skin marks.
Ideal for the face and body, this cream is suitable for the whole family. It acts at a double level thanks to its patented active CICAHYALUMIDE which accelerates the repair of the skin and also helps to reduce the cutaneous marks.
Enriched with moisturizing agents, its invisible and non-sticky texture is easy to apply, it leaves skin soft and moisturized. Thus, the skin is immediately soothed, the repair is accelerated and the marks are toned down.

Benefits of Aderma Epithelial AH DUO Ultra-Repairing Cream :

– Moisturizes and favors fast and aesthetic restoration of the skin,
– Contributes to reduce the appearance of cutaneous marks,
– Immediately and durably soothes the unpleasant cutaneous sensations.

How to use:

Apply 1 to 2 times daily locally or over an extended area.Then massage gently to distribute the product and promote its full absorption.

Suitable for the entire family.

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