Aderma Exomega Control Emollient Cream 400ml

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Aderma  Exomega DEFI Emollient Cream is a daily moisturizing care for face and body, especially suitable for dry skin with atopic tendency of infants, children and adults.

DEFI: Dispositif Exclusif Formule Intacte (Exclusive System with Intact Formula).

Nourishes and soothes the skin, also rebuilds the hydrolipidic barrier.

Well tolerated by atopic skins as demonstrated under dermatological control.

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Aderma Exomega Emollient Cream is an emollient cream that controls the sensation of irritation. Moreover, it soothes all types of dry and atopic skin, starting from birth. Furthermore, its formulation reduces bouts of irritation and itching sensations associated with dry skin. Also, a very safe solution thanks to its natural, fragrance-free formula. This extra-rich texture gives comfort to dry, as well as sensitive skin types. With Rhealba oat plantlet extract and BioVect, patented ingredients that are soothing and anti-irritating, as well as Filaxerine and Vitamin B3.

This product restores the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier. Made from more than 95% naturally derived ingredients, it is extremely safe for atopic skin types.

DEFI: Dispositif Exclusif Formule Intacte (Exclusive System with Intact Formula).

0% paraben, 0% preservative, 0% fragrance. Hypoallergenic.

Main Ingredients: 
Rhealb oat plantlet extract and BioVect are soothing and anti-irritating agents;
Filaxerine, combined with Vitamin B3, restores the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier;

How to use :
Apply Aderma Exomega DEFI Emollient Cream while performing gentle massage until absorbed once or twice a day onto clean and dry skin.

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