The Slendertone Facial muscle toner is an award winning product using electro muscle stimulation (EMS) technology to tone and lift the muscles of your face. Lift, Massage & Radiance - Anti-aging results in 12 weeks.

Slendertone Face Toning & Lifting System for Women

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Face lifting

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Facial muscles are the only muscle group in the body directly linked to the skin.

When these muscles start to waste, they are unable to support the skin so inevitably the face starts to sag and wrinkles appear, advancing the ageing process.

By toning and building these muscles with the Slendertone Face the skin and face structure is lifted and plumped

The Slendertone Face uses a convenient head set to position pads on either side of your face to target the Facial nerve which controls all the facial muscles; gently but effectively exercising them to firm and tone

By stimulation and toning the facial muscles with Slendertone you will also increase circulation in the face, rejuvenating the complexion and refreshing the skin.


An independently monitored 12 week clinical trial clearly demonstrated a statistically significant and measurable improvement in muscle plumpness by retraining the delicate facial muscles.

Clinical trialing shows:

  • Ultrasound imagery showed an average increase in muscle plumpness of 18.6% - some increasing as much as 46%
  • 94% reported their face felt firmer
  • 90% reported improvement in facial toning
  • 80% reported their face looked lifted


Using Slendertone Face:

  • Use 20 minutes a day, 5 times a week for 12 weeks
  • You’ll start noticing the difference in your skin condition after 2 weeks and the gentle lifting effect after 6 weeks
  • The remaining six weeks completes the full exercise programme
  • After this initial period, we recommend a maintenance programme of at least 2-3 sessions for 20 minutes each week to sustain optimum muscle condition


Your Slendertone Face includes:
Slendertone face headset, Control Unit, 12 pairs x adhesive gel pads, Charger, Carry case, Manual, Quick start guide.


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