Slendertone Bottom Muscle Toner

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Tone the muscles, lift the bottom.

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bottomTone the muscles, lift the bottom !

The Slendertone Bottom firms, tightens and tones the bottom area from four weeks.

It delivers its impressive results by working the three most important muscles for the bottom - Gluteus Maximus, Medius and Minimus.

Using Slendertone Bottom for just 30 minutes is as effective as completing 60 reversed leg lifts.

For maximum results, Slendertone products are to be used as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Slendertone Bottom helps to tone and shape the core stabilising muscles which, if correctly trained, can significantly reduce the incidence and reoccurrence of injury to the lower back and knee joints.





Replacement pads known as hydrogel electrodes are comprised of a three layer conductive medium to deliver gentle electrical current which creates comfortable muscle contractions in all the surrounding muscles, not just those directly under the pads. As a result, targeted and neighbouring muscles begin to strengthen and tone.

To make your session effective and comfortable, replace the pads after 20-30 uses.


Slendertone Bottom features:

  • 4 bottom toning programmes from beginner to advanced
  • 0-99 intensity levels for maximum effectiveness
  • Built-in warm up and cool down phases to ensure correct muscle usage.
  • Intelligent training system to auto-progress through the programmes
  • Rechargeable & interchangeable controller included-suitable with Slendertone Bottom Accessory, female Arm Accessory and Slendertone Abs female.


Slendertone Bottom toning Short includes:

Slendertone bottom - (fits sizes: 6- 12/ waist:24-32in/61-81cm ; Hips: 32-38in/81-97cm ), Toning Shorts, controller, Charger, Gel pads, Literature.



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