This is male arms garment accessory only. A Slendertone System Controller will be required to operate this product 30-day toning plan 3 muscle toning and development programmes 'Warm up' and 'cool down' phases Up to 99 intensity levels Certified to medical safety standards.

Slendertone Male Accessory Arms

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Tones and defines, the biceps and triceps.

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The two simple upper-arm wrap garments for Male treat the tricep and bicep muscles, strengthening and toning your arms from 6 weeks.

Use 5 times per week to see visible improvement in the upper arm definition.

Why is Slendertone better

Slendertone uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology which activates the body’s natural muscle movements to create deep, comfortable muscle contractions offering the most advanced arm workout to date.

Slendertone Arms’ EMS technology will help you achieve that great tone that only comes with regular exercise.

You can enhance your Slendertone training routine by following a simple upper body exercise circuit of kneeling push-ups, close grip push-ups and bench dips for truly well-toned arms.






Independent clinical studies have proven after 6 weeks use:

  • 89% of users reported their arms were more defined.
  • 72% reported their upper arm muscles were firmer.


Replacement pads known as hydrogel electrodes are comprised of a three layer conductive medium to deliver gentle electrical current which creates comfortable muscle contractions in all the surrounding muscles, not just those directly under the pads. As a result, targeted and neighbouring muscles begin to strengthen and tone.

To make your session effective and comfortable, replace the pads after 20-30 uses.

Slendertone male Arm Garment features:triceps

3 muscle toning and development programmes (only with the controller)
Up to 99 intensity levels
'Warm up' and 'cool down' phases


Rechargeable and interchangeable controller (available separately) that also works with Slendertone Abs or Slendertone Bottom

For optimum results pads need to be changed after 20 to 30 uses

Box Contains:

Slendertone Arms (fits sizes: 25-45 cm), Gel pads, Storage pouch, Literature.


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