Foot Care

3 Claveles 10 Emery Files 16cm

Nails files 

 USD 5.5

3 Claveles 10 Emery Files 18cm

Nails files 

 USD 5

3 Claveles Corn Cutter Blades 10U

Blades Refills 

 USD 5.5

3 Claveles Corn Planer 14cm

Corn Cutter 

 USD 11.66

3 Claveles Foot Rasp 19cm

Pedicure tools 

 USD 10.5

3 Claveles Foot Rasp 24cm

Pedicure tools 

 USD 5.5

3 Claveles Nail Clipper With Cap 6.5cm

Nail Clipper 

 USD 6.66

3 Claveles Nail Clipper With Cap 8.5cm

Nail Clipper 

 USD 8.33

3 Claveles Nail Clipper With File 5cm

Nail Clipper 

 USD 5

3 Claveles Toes Separators 2U

Toes Separators 

 USD 5.5

Akildia Protective Cream 75 ml

Diabetic foot cream 

USD 15.76(-) USD 14.18

Akileïne Absorbing Powder For Very Strong Perspiration -75g-

Foot Odor Treatments 

USD 15.54(-) USD 13.98

Akileïne Anti-Perspirant Cream -50ml-

Foot Odor Treatments 

USD 14.15(-) USD 12.73

Akileïne Anti-Perspirant Deo Gel -75ml-

Foot Odor Treatments 

USD 15.54(-) USD 13.98

Akileïne Foot Peeling Cream for Dry Feet -75ml-

Callus & Corn Remover 

USD 14.15(-) USD 12.73

Akileïne Sanitizing Shoe Spray 150 ml

Shoe spray 

USD 22.14(-) USD 19.92

Akileïne Vaporisateur Déo Antiperspirant Foot Spray 100 ml

Antiperspirant foot spray 

USD 19.59(-) USD 17.63

Basicare 4-Way Nail Buffer Block

Nail buffer 

 USD 5

Basicare Ceramic Pedicure File

Pedicure tools 

 USD 8

Basicare Nail Cleansing Brush

Cleaning brush for nails 

 USD 4

Basicare Nail Clipper

Nail clipper 

 USD 5

Basicare Personal Pedicure Kit

Pedicure kit 

 USD 15.33

Basicare Pumice Stone

Pumice stone 

USD 6(-) USD 0

Basicare Pumice Stone with Quartz

Callus & dead skin removal 

 USD 6

Basicare Toe Separators -2 pcs-

Toe Separators 

 USD 3

Caudalie Foot Beauty Cream 75ml

Foot Care  

USD 25(-) USD 17.5

Dr.Organic Organic Manuka Honey Foot & Heel Cream 125ml

Foot & heel care 

USD 16.5(-) USD 14.85

EcoTools Recycled Steel Sapphire File

Nail file 

 USD 5

Flexitol Heel Balm -56g-

For dry and cracked feet 

 USD 13.17

Flexitol Heel Magic -70g-

Hydrates rough, dry heels and feet 

 USD 19.17

Glamour Institut Cuticules Pusher & Cutter

Cuticles cutter 

 USD 11

Go Travel Fingers & Toes Nail Grooming Set

Nails care 

USD 23(-) USD 20.7

Harmonium Skinbetix Foot Foam Cream 75ml

Foam cream with 10% urea 

USD 16.66(-) USD 15

Lysaskin Xerolys 50 Keratolytic and Moisturizing Emulsion -40ml-

Callus treatment 

USD 27.25(-) USD 24.53

Ms. Manicure Cuticle Nipper

Nail tools 

 USD 12
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