Thuasne Lombax Dorso Belt is a posture-correcting dorsal-lumbar corset. Backaches in adults and teenagers with or without progressive or non-progressive static disorders (lordosis, kyphosis).

Thuasne Lombax Dorso Belt

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Dorsal-lumbar corset

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Posture-correcting dorsal-lumbar corset

-Backaches in adults and teenagers with or without progressive or non-progressive static disorders (lordosis, kyphosis).
-Prevention of axial spinal defromities in the context of progessive disorders.

-Effective adjustment to the subject’s morphology thanks to the back support section that adapts to the spinal curve with adjustable height
-Adjustable tightening thanks to its additional rear-front related straps
-High elastic compression thanks to the Lombax® fabric
-Easy to fit thanks to the "backpack"-style straps
-Easy to wear thanks to the sub-axillary cushioning

Fitting Instructions:
Define the height accoding to the patient: the lower edge of the orthosis must be positioned at the level of the tailbone and the dorsal plate must be slightly higher than the shoulders.
- Shape and adjust the aluminium structure of the back-straightener.
- Slip on the back-straightener, passing the arms through the braces.
Before fitting, make sure the end of the back-straightener is still attached to the braces.
It is recommended that the Lombax Dorso orthosis from Thuasne is worn over a T-shirt.

Belt Instructions:
Position the lower tab, using the hand loop, then do the same with the upper tab. Simultaneously pull on the additional straps and fasten them, starting with the right strap then the left strap.
Back Straightener Instructions
Detach the end of the braces and simultaneoulsy pull on both straps.
Fasten them where it suits you best.
WARNING : For maximum effectiveness of the orthosis, never seperate the belt part from the back straightener part.
Fit the sternal support to the subjects morphology using the velcro located on the dorsal part.
Then adjust the torso element using the two velcro taps.

Polyamid: 22%
Elastodien: 20%
Viscose: 27%
Polyester 31%


Size indication:
Measure the waist at the level of the navel


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