Support & Comfort

Thuasne Pero-Med Adapt

Foot orthosis 

 USD 124

Thasne Hallux Pro Night

Orthosis for Hallux Valgus 

 USD 18

Thuasne Pedipro Softer Inserts

Silicon heel inserts 

 USD 21.33

Thuasne Pedipro Insole

Silicon insoles 

 USD 34.66

Thuasne Junior Ligaflex Clavicular Straps

Clavicular straps for kids 

 USD 25.33

Thuasne Junior Ortel C1 Collar

Cervical Collar for kids 

 USD 18

Thuasne Junior Ligacast Ankle Splint

Ankle splint for kids 

 USD 29.33

Thuasne Junior Ligaflex Immo 0° Knee Splint

Knee splint for kids 

 USD 40

Thuasne Junior Manuimmo Splint

Wrist splint for kids 

 USD 22

Thuasne Junior Manurhizo Splint

Wrist and thumb splint for kids 

 USD 26.66
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