Premium full body massage cushion LY-803A-2 direct impact on the blood of the body, there are many effects such as full body relaxation, reduce stress effectively.

Luyao Massage Cushion LY-803A-2

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Massage therapy

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 LY-803A-2 relaxation

With the full body massage cushion LY-803A-2, you do not need to spend money to get rid of your pain. It can be used at home, office and car. 

  • Helps ease tensions, accelerates blood circulation, and makes the body release the pressure from the physical and mental.
  • Full body relaxation, reducing stress and pain, supporting the treatment of vascular disease, recovering tendons, muscles and ligament injury.
  • Two main functions of vibration and massage. Effective relaxation massage for the back. These functions are combined by hand panel.
  • Increases the amount of oxygen in the blood of 10-20% after body massage.
  • Suitable for the whole family. In particular, older people who use daily massage cushion: it helps mental clarity, fun and easy to sleep.
  • Premium full body massage cushion LY-803A-2 is the perfect choice for you and your family.


  • Five functions: Massage, Kneading, Automatic selection points, Far infrared and Jade moxa
  • Three kinds of running modes: the upper back, lower back and full back control
  • Three kinds of vibration modes: the bottom of the vibrator with automatic speed control, intermittent vibration and continuous vibration.
  • Two kneading: Walking kneading and Neck kneading
  • Natural Burma Jade: Prestige, warm moxibustion effect, the release of trace elements
  • Bamboo carbon fiber cloth: wear-resistant, anti-bacterial, release negative ions


  • Model: LY-803A-2
  • Input: AC 110-240V
  • Product voltage: DC 12V
  • Rated power: 48W
  • Meas: 77.2 x 22 x 47
  • Packing: 3 pieces


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