Vitarmonyl Aqua Ligne Excès D'eau 60 tablets

Dietary supplement 

USD 27.43(-) USD 24.7

Vena Fort Gel -100ml-

Heavy legs Care 

USD 16(-) USD 14.5

Urgo Waterproof 20 dressings/2 formats

Waterproof bandages 

 USD 5.5

Urgo S.O.S Coupures 3 m x 2.5 cm

Bandages to stop bleeding 

 USD 13.33

Urgo Pansements Protecteurs Robots in Disguise 14 dressings

Protective plasters for little boys 

 USD 5.5

Urgo Pansements Protecteurs Littlest Pet Shop 14 dressings

Protective plasters for little girls 

 USD 5.5

Urgo Filmogel Aphtes Gel -6ml-

Mouth ulcers pain reliever 

 USD 10.5

Urgo Extensible 30 dressings/2 formats

Flexible bandages 

 USD 4.5

Urgo Douleurs - Arnica 50 g

Pain relieving gel 

 USD 9

Urgo Discret 30 dressings/2 formats

Transparent bandages 

 USD 4.5

Urgo Brûlures - Coups de Soleil 60 g

Burns and sunstrokes cream 

 USD 13.33

Tilman Antimetil -30 Tablets-

Dietary supplement 

USD 9.33(-) USD 8.39

Thuasne XLR8 Walker Boot

Walker boot 

 USD 148

Thuasne Townsend Shoulder Sling

Shoulder sling 

 USD 108.66

Thuasne Stomex Belt

Belt for Stoma patients 

 USD 107.33

Thuasne Silistab Epi Elbow Brace

Elbow brace 

 USD 46

Thuasne Silistab Achillo Brace

Achilles tendon brace 

 USD 62

Thuasne Pero-Med Adapt

Foot orthosis 

 USD 124

Thuasne Pedipro Softer Inserts

Silicon heel inserts 

 USD 21.33

Thuasne Pedipro Insole

Silicon insoles 

 USD 34.66

Thuasne Patellar Bandage

Patellar knee bandage 

 USD 22

Thuasne Ortel C4 Vario Collar

Rigid collar 

 USD 35.33

Thuasne Ortel C2 Plus Collar

Semi-rigid collar 

 USD 35.33

Thuasne Ortel C1 Anatomic Collar

Soft collar 

 USD 24

Thuasne Ortel Belt

Inguinal Hernia belt 

 USD 58

Thuasne Malleo Dynastab Boa Ankle Splint

Ankle splint 

 USD 71.33

Thuasne Lombax Original Belt

Lower back belt for occasional use 

 USD 72

Thuasne Lombax High Belt

Belt for dorsal-lumbar support 

 USD 123.33

Thuasne Lombax Dorso Belt

Dorsal-lumbar corset 

 USD 161.33

Thuasne LombaTech Belt

Lower back belt with morphological... 

 USD 108

Thuasne LombaSkin Belt

Lower back belt with second skin effect 

 USD 90.66

Thuasne LombaMum' Belt

Maternity belt 

 USD 84

Thuasne Lombacross Activity Belt

Lower back belt for reinforced support 

 USD 93.33

Thuasne Ligastrap Malleo Ankle Brace

Ligament ankle brace 

 USD 59.33

Thuasne Ligastrap Genu Knee Brace

Ligament knee brace 

 USD 70

Thuasne Ligaflex Rhizo Splint

Thumb splint 

 USD 20.66

Thuasne Ligaflex Post-op Knee Splint

Hinged knee splint 

 USD 126.66

Thuasne Ligaflex Manu Brace

Wrist-thumb brace 

 USD 43.33

Thuasne Ligaflex Immo 0° Knee Splint

Knee splint 

 USD 48.66
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