Ezy Dose Weekly Pill Planner

Weekly pill planner 

USD 5.83(-) USD 5.24

Face Shield

Transparent, light weight and durable... 

USD 5(-) USD 4

Flents Eye Patch

Eye patch with strap, shaped for... 

USD 8.16(-) USD 7.34

Flents Four-Sided Insty Splint L

Four-sided insty splint to support and... 

USD 14(-) USD 12.6

Flents Four-Sided Insty Splint M

Four-sided insty splint to support and... 

USD 14(-) USD 12.6

Flents Two-Sided Insty Splint M/L

Two-sided finger splint for support and... 

USD 25.16(-) USD 22.64

Green Made Alcarex-30 Capsules-

Dietary supplement 

USD 18.7(-) USD 16.9

Green Made PrevaMig 75mg -60 capsules-

Migraine Control 

 USD 27

Green Made Vital QFert 30 capsules

Dietary supplement 

USD 60(-) USD 54

Hartmann Thermoval Duo Scan

Thermometer for individual temperature... 

 USD 119.33

Holy Land Vital Plus 4 capsules

Herbal Supplement 

 USD 28

Infrared Thermometer

Infrared thermometer 

 USD 40

Insect Ecran Infested Zones 100ml

Insect repellent 

USD 12.83(-) USD 10.26

Lanaform Heating Blanket for 1 Person

Heating Blanket 

 USD 100

Lanaform Heating Blanket for Back

Heating Blanket 

 USD 45

Livinorm x 30 Capsules

Food supplement 

USD 16.83(-) USD 15.15

LymphaVeine 60 tablets

Dietary supplement 

 USD 26.66

Marinas Hemo-Herb Cream 40g

Hemorrhoids cream 

USD 14.5(-) USD 13

Med-Vial T-Viril -60 capsules-

Increases drive and vitality 

USD 46.62(-) USD 42

Medihoney Antibacterial Medical Honey 20g

Wound gel 

 USD 19.83

MenstruHeat 1 Piece

Non-medicated heat menstrual cramp... 

 USD 5

My Care 2 in 1 Massage and Hydration Gel 150ml

Massage gel 

 USD 11.16

NeckHeat 1 Piece

Non-medicated neck and shoulder heat... 

 USD 5

NeilMed Sinus Rinse 120 Premixed Sachets

Sinus rinse sachets 

 USD 88.83

Neilmed Sinus Rinse Starter Kit

Natural sinus relief 

 USD 23.5

Neo Healar Antihemorrhoidal Ointment 30g

Herbal ointment for hemorrhoids 

 USD 9.5

Nexcare ColdHot Classic 3M

Reusable cold/hot compress 

 USD 8.83

Nexcare ColdHot Maxi 3M

Reusable cold/hot compress 

 USD 16.16

Nexcare ColdHot Mini 3M

Reusable cold/hot compress 

 USD 6.66

Nexcare Maternity Support

Maternity support 

USD 55(-) USD 50

Nutrisanté Ultrabiotique Infantile 7 Sachets

To promote a healthy intestinal... 

 USD 7.33

Omron Compressor Nebuliser NE-C801

Respiratory Care 

 USD 133.74

Omron Compressor Nebulizer NE-C28P


 USD 135

Omron Duobaby Compressor Nebulizer with Nasal Aspirator

Nebulizer with aspirator 

 USD 146.36

Omron M7 Intelli IT Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure monitor 

 USD 177.92

Omron MIT ELITE Blood Pressure Monitor

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor 

 USD 165

Omron RS3 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure monitor 

USD 105.6(-) USD 95

Onykoleïne Sanitizing Solution Hands & Feet Nails -10ml-

Nails Care 

USD 18.31(-) USD 16.48

OPPO Air/Lite Ankle Brace 4009

Ankle support 

 USD 65
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