Balance Liquid Carnitine provides pharmaceutical grade Carnitine an essential amino acid used to metabolise fats into energy. Carnitine assists the metabolism of fats in the muscle by facilitating its transport into the mitochondria (energy producing part of cell) where it is burned as fuel to provide energy.

Balance Lean Liquid Carnitine -300ml-

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Dietary supplement

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Balance Liquid Carnitine provides carnitine, an essential fat metabolising amino acid, in a convenient liquid form. For Adult athletes and bodybuilders seeking to get lean and ripped, weight conscious individuals. It contains nutrients necessary for the metabolism of fats in the body. Helps support stamina and endurance.

Carnitine supports fat metabolism and aerobic energy production. Further, Carnitine contains nutrients that play a vital role in the production of ATP, or cellular energy which may assist with stamina and athletic performance and support daily energy levels.


  • Used in the body to metabolise fat into energy
  • Rapid absorption formula
  • 500mg Levocarnitine per serve
  • Great tasting citrus flavour

Take evenly throughout the day, including one before training. Adults: Serving size = 10ml. Shake well before use.
Take 1 to 3 servings daily or as directed by your healthcare professional, as a source of Carnitine.


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      Levocarnitine Tartrate 74mg/mL (Equiv. Levocarnitine 60mg/mL), Calcium Pantothenate 2.207mg/mL (Equiv. Pantothenic acid 2mg/mL), Flavour and Preservative in a base of glycerol and water.

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