Take Me To Wonder

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There are things in life that we do not get to choose.
Alice Abdel Aziz, my name, was not a choice I was given but an identity I am to live with forever.
Today, I have decided to take Alice to a world of her choice.
My wonderland is an escape of never ending choices.
Choices I want to share with you, in a magical world I pray to inspire, empower and motivate you.
Taking you to wonderland is only the beginning of my dream coming true.
My dream was a result of a series of some very fortunate events.
It all began not too long ago, when I decided to launch my Instagram page, Style in Beirut, a page for fashion and style. It was the first in the Middle East and its success was exceeding all of my expectations.
Collaborations, interviews, features and more followed, in languages I do not even speak. (I speak four languages by the way)
I remember having a bad day.
A very bad day.
Until my phone rang.
I could not believe who was calling me.
One phone call changed my destiny and I became the first reality show celebrity in the Arab world, along with my sisters Nadine and Farah.
When “The Sisters” show was over, I was exhausted.
I thought about leaving the spot light and leading a quiet life.
For a while I was out of the radar, until I realized once again, that I had no choice, I had to continue not for me but for you.
Wonderblog is where I will share my adventures, thoughts and magic with you.
Wonderstore is where I will share pieces of my choice, which will travel from my wonderland to your closet.
Everything I have been through has made my wonderland possible and wherever you are today, know that wonderland is coming your way.
Love you always,