Manufacturer Page

In 1989, Dr. Serrano and a team of professionals with extensive experience in the dermatological and pharmaceutical field founded Sesderma. Direct contact with patients allowed them to determine essential needs first hand. Their daily contact with patients in their practice made it possible for them to develop specific products for each skin problem, not then available on the market. Sesderma was first pharmaceutical in Spain that developed creams with glycolic acid. The Acglicolic line continues to be one of Sesderma’s most renowned and is constantly updated; in 2013 it received the Cosmetics and Pharmacy Award as 'Most Innovative Anti-aging Product. In 2010 we launched a complete range of products based on nanotechnology. Our R & D department developed the technology to produce liposomes, not only as active ingredients, but also as vehicles for other active substance that improve their delivery. These products achieve effective results never before seen.