Jules Destrooper


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Belgium, second half of the nineteenth century ...
Passionate about developing a new biscuit tasty and different taste, the colonial merchant Jules Destrooper working the dough biscuits in his spare time. Thus, it mixes spices importance of America and Asia. One day he decides to offer his new invention to customers as year-end gift. Almond Loaf was born. Customer reactions are so favorable than in 1886 , Biscuiterie Jules Destrooper is based in Lo.
Four years later, Jules Destrooper created his second biscuit: the pancakes with butter . At that time, each mother was preparing pancakes for her own Christmas. Monsieur Jules Destrooper in the same tradition, developing its own recipe. So he starts his own "industrial" production unit.
Continued efforts to improve the quality and the natural talent of Jules Destrooper for business have resulted in 1911, the Bread almond wins the Gold Medal at the International Fair of Food in Paris. This is a very prestigious and honorable medal at the time. Later the bread with almonds as the Butter Patties earn other national and international awards. From 1949, the products are exported to the United States and since then the export is steadily increasing. In 1962, it took expand production capacity in Lo, followed in 1963 by the acquisition of biscuit manufacturer VAN LOO.
Meanwhile, talking about the third generation of the family Destrooper. They continue to modernize the production line. At that time, the Jules Destrooper products were sold on consignment. That is to say, when you return the empty metal box, we will refund part of the cost (compared with the bottles of changes). In 1975, the company replaced the canister by the carton. Also introduces the method of "gas-flashing" in the aluminum package. This way we can stop the oxidation process and increase product freshness time to 9 months. Finally, it is in this third generation is born a third product: Butter Wafers.
The current and fourth generation, Mr. Patriek Destrooper and Peter, took over the business in 1984. They review the strategy, and today the company employs more than 120 people in two different units. They realize a turnover of 30 million Euro. In addition, they export products in 62 countries worldwide. In this generation, new chocolate covered biscuits were born. These are the Florentines with almonds and hazelnuts, the Florentines with hazelnuts and crispy rice (1991) and the Biscuits with chocolate-coated cinnamon (1993). Recently they have launched the biscuits with apple and candy sugar biscuits coated with chocolate. All cookies Jules Destrooper are made ​​according to the secret recipe of Destrooper family. 125 years of experience naturally involve a lot of changes, such as modern production techniques, but the original recipes have never changed. Just as in 1886, Jules Destrooper cookies do not contain preservatives, flavoring or artificial colors. Each biscuit is the honest product of our commitment to offer the best biscuits made ​​of pure butter, fresh eggs, flour and refined sugars.