j.f. lazartigue


The story of JF LAZARTIGUE began in December 1963, when, driven by a completely new vision, he created his first hairdressing salon in Paris at 142 rue de Courcelles. He had noticed how much damage was being caused to hair by straightening and oxidising products, so he decided to go against the grain, inventing a revolutionary and harmless approach to hairstyling.
Still today, we are driven by our determination to base our formulas on nature. Our goal is to have 95% natural-origin formulas by 2020. We use a preservative system based on the Ecocert list.
While our respect for nature occasionally takes slight precedence over the effectiveness of our products, each one guarantees that the fibre is visibly transformed, right from the first application. Our shampoos contain less water to improve active ingredient concentration.
Because we prioritise and guarantee the effectiveness of our products: formulas are tested over at least 300 applications.
We are committed to avoiding active ingredient “nasties” for the hair and scalp. Our products are guaranteed: