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EST. 1970, Denmark Inspired on the bangles that support the ropes of fishing boats Ketty Dalsgaard creates a line of plastic bracelets, designed in joyful and vivid pigments. This original combination resulted in a full line of accessories made of colorful plastic materials, that were exhibited in displays with branded backboards specially designed for high traffic areas, creating the B+D concept.
2014. With the same fresh and innovative attitude, B+D continues exploring the world of design with modern proposals in its lines of reading glasses, B+D Readers; sunglasses, B+D Sunglasses; and the newly added line of watches, B+D Watches. It is positioned in the global market as a design brand that continues to be inspired on the shape, color and texture of objects, offering a modern line of affordable and good quality products.
2015. In both collections: B+D Readers and in the new Sunglasses Traveller Collection, B+D develops a wide array of ultra-portable and foldable products in colorful and inventive designs. The products are packed in a transparent hard acrylic case – a unique feature of B+D - that ensures portability, product safety and cleanliness.
With its attractive exhibition proposal, modular displays with sleek design that occupy little space and promote impulse purchase, it completes the perfect integrated business solution, B+D's Winning Equation: Product + Case + Display. Products are easy to exhibit, easy to sell and easy to carry wherever you go!