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Allergan is a global, technology-driven multi-specialty health care company pursuing therapeutic advances to help patients live life to their fullest potential. In making this commitment, we work to develop an unparalleled level of insight into patients' wants and needs — and into the priorities and concerns of the medical specialists who treat them. To this end, we employ more than 50 percent of our work force in either research and development (R&D) or sales, ensuring our efforts are focused on innovation and our customers.
With specialty product lines focused on high-growth markets, Allergan represents a new multi-specialty health care model for the future, where diversification and focus live together to offer physicians and patients best-in-class treatments and a robust pipeline for continuous innovation. Bolstered by an integrated R&D organization and global infrastructure, characteristics of some of the industry's largest pharmaceutical companies, Allergan also maintains a lean and efficient operation with solid growth prospects, like many smaller and more specialized organizations in the health care field. Allergan is large enough to command sufficient resources to address significant patient needs yet small enough for nimble execution. As we look to the future, we will continue to follow our R&D technologies into additional specialty areas and build a leadership presence of relevance to the doctors and patients we serve.