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A pioneer in plant-based dermo-cosmetics, A-DERMA Dermatological Laboratories has cultivated the art of caring for and nurturing fragile skin for more than 30 years thanks to a unique active ingredient, Rhealba® Oat.
It all started in the 1970s when Pierre Fabre, a pharmacist from Castres impassioned by botany, set his heart on cultivating the Oat, a neglected plant that nevertheless has been used for over three thousand years for medicinal purposes. This marked the beginning of extensive research that continues even today in South West France
1982: The first Oat product is launched: the A-DERMA dermatological bar. The A stands for Avoine (oat) and Derma for Dermatological. Plant-based dermo-cosmetics was born. Research progressed and a specific oat stood out in particular, the white Rhealba® Oat, one of the most concentrated in soothing molecules. Dermatological oats is now a byword.
1992: Two SOS products are launched from product families that will quickly become classics: Epitheliale and Dermalibour. In 1994 Exomega arrives, the skin care product dedicated to atopy-prone skin.
2009: A new leap forward with the discovery of Rhealba® Oat Plantlets, the quintessence of Rhealba® Oat, with even more concentrated active ingredients that rebalance, soothe and restore.
2012: Product conservation was behind the innovation that led to the creation of the sterile cosmetics, Exomega DEFI, via a process that eliminates all preservatives and risk of contamination in order to provide the greatest care to the most fragile skin.
2015: Launch of Epitheliale AH DUO, the first Ultra-restoring Anti-marks skin care product.