Be Good Men's Belt Black Tg, a belt specific for the belly and the waist, it helps to eliminate the beauty flaws of cellulite, improves the skin’s tonicity and sculpts the abdomen.

Be Good Men's Belt Black Tg

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Shaping, retaining and functional belt

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Man’s belt made with the special Dermofibra® yarn, it improves the skin’s tonicity, sculpts and reshapes the abdomen, slimming down the love handle area. In addition, it acts as a dorsal compression reinforcement and helps to relax contracted muscles.

Suggested use: wear it every day, 8 hours a day for at least 28 days.

Washing: the effectiveness of Dermofibra® lasts overtime, even after washing

Dermofibra® is a polyester yarn, linked to organic crystals by nanotechnology, able to carry out a beneficial, cosmetic action for the body. The unique composition of the fiber enables an advanced form of photo-treatment that does not require any source of active light but uses the reflected light activated by the body heat. Once stimulated by the heat, the organic crystals in the Dermofibra® reflect high levels of light in the bio-infrared band (also called radius of life) that penetrate the skin layers and the subcutaneous tissue and interact with the tissue’s water and organic compounds.

BeGood® made with Dermofibra® is able to reproduce bio-infrareds. As shown by research studies in the biological field, bio-infrareds are absorbed by the body very easily providing an essential contribution to its well-being. The heat generated by the bio-infrareds facilitates the relaxation of contracted muscles and improves the micro-circulation.


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