Skin Care

Vita Citral Soin TR Repairing Gel for Damaged Hands 75 ml

Damaged hands repairing gel 

USD 11.93(-) USD 10.73

Vita Citral Moisturizing Hand cream for Dry Hands 100ml + 33% Free

Dry Hands Moisturizer 

USD 12.37(-) USD 11.13

Vita Citral Extreme Protection Moisturizing Balm for Very Dry Hands -75ml-

Very Dry Hands Moisturizer 

USD 13.48(-) USD 12.13

Vita citral Care TR+ 75ml

Hand soothing repair gel 

USD 11.22(-) USD 10.09

Vita Citral Anti-Aging Care for Delicate Hands 75 ml

Anti-aging hand cream 

USD 14.15(-) USD 12.73

Vichy Neovadiol Compensating Complex Normal To Combination Skin 50ml

Replenishing care for normal to... 

 USD 62

Uriage Xémose Lipid-Replenishing Anti-Irritation Cream 400 ml

Anti-irritation cream 

USD 49.11(-) USD 39.29

Uriage Xémose Lipid-Replenishing Anti-Irritation Cream 200 ml

Anti-irritation cream 

USD 33.07(-) USD 26.46

Uriage Xémose Lipid-Replenishing Anti-Irritation Cerat 200 ml

Anti-irritation cerat 

USD 44.78(-) USD 35.83

Uriage Xémose Genlte Cleansing Syndet 400 ml

Very dry and atopic skin cleanser 

USD 37.62(-) USD 30.1

Uriage Xémose Genlte Cleansing Syndet 200 ml

Very dry and atopic skin cleanser 

USD 24.86(-) USD 19.89

Uriage Xémose Emollient Milk 400 ml

Dry and atopic skin emollient milk 

USD 39.34(-) USD 31.47

Uriage Xémose Cleansing Soothing Oil 400 ml

Very dry and atopic skin cleanser 

USD 34.9(-) USD 27.92

Uriage Thermal Water Spray 300ml

Thermal water spray 

USD 24.33(-) USD 21.89

Uriage Thermal Water Spray 150ml

Thermal water spray 

USD 17.66(-) USD 15.89

Uriage Suppléance Nourishing Creamy Body Milk -200ml-

Dry & sensitive skin body moisturizer 

USD 17.5(-) USD 15.75

Uriage Pruriced Soothing Cream -100ml-

Irritated skin care 

USD 20.81(-) USD 16.65

Uriage Pain Surgras -100g-

Cleansing bar for sensitive & delicate... 

USD 14.54(-) USD 11.63

Uriage kératosane 30 40ml

Cream-gel for calluses and localized... 

USD 32(-) USD 25.6

Uriage Hyséac Cleansing Cream -150ml-

Cleansing cream for oily & irritated... 

USD 25.14(-) USD 20.11

Uriage Eau Thermale Unctuous Body Balm 200 ml

Hydrating and nourishing body balm 

USD 21(-) USD 16.87

Uriage Eau Thermale Silky Body Lotion 500ml

Dry, sensitive skin lotion 

USD 33.41(-) USD 26.72

Uriage Eau Thermale Silky Body Lotion 200ml

Dry, sensitive skin lotion 

USD 19(-) USD 15.2

Uriage D.S. Regulating Foaming Gel 150 ml

Prone-to-redness skin foaming gel 

USD 23.31(-) USD 18.64

Uriage D.S Emulsion Regulating Care -40ml-

Soothing Cream for Flaky Skin 

USD 24.64(-) USD 19.71

Uriage Cleansing Oil 400 ml

Face and body cleanser 

USD 37.29(-) USD 29.83

Uriage Cleansing Oil 200 ml

Face and body cleanser 

USD 20.2(-) USD 16.16

Uriage Bariésun After-Sun Repair Balm -150ml-

After-sun care 

USD 34(-) USD 27.21

Uriage Bariéderm Reconstructive Barrier Cream 75 ml

Repair and insulation cream 

USD 27.75(-) USD 22.2

Uriage Bariéderm Ointment Fissures Cracks 40g

Fissures ointment 

USD 31.59(-) USD 25.27

Uriage Bariéderm Drying Repairing Cica-Spray with Cu-Zn 100 ml

Anti-irritation spray 

USD 18.37(-) USD 14.69

Urgo Huile Pieds Secs 50 ml

Dry feet oil 

 USD 14.5

Topicrem UR-10 Anti-Roughness Smoothing Cream 200 ml

Anti-roughness body cream 

USD 31.08(-) USD 27.97

Topicrem Travel Kit La Science De L'Hydratation

Dry skin care 

USD 16.81(-) USD 15.13

Topicrem Severely Dry Skin SOS Repair Body Cream -200ml-

Severely Dry Skin care 

USD 30.8(-) USD 27.72

Topicrem PV Cleansing Gel Body & Hair Scalp -200ml-

Problem skin care 

USD 31(-) USD 27.9

Topicrem Mela Lightening Ultra-Moisturizing Milk 200ml

Body moisturizer 

USD 47.66(-) USD 42.89

Topicrem Intolerant Skin Light Soothing Cream -40ml-

Light Soothing Cream 

USD 29.97(-) USD 26.97

Topicrem Essentials Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Cream 75 ml

Hand cream 

USD 11.65(-) USD 10.48

Topicrem Essentials Ultra-Moisturizing Body Milk 2 x 500 ml

Dry skin care 

USD 49.72(-) USD 44.75
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