Skin Care

Lysaskin Psorilys Long lasting Soothing Skincare 200ml

Kerato-regulating, moisturizing and... 

USD 32.82(-) USD 29.53

Lysaskin Xerolys 10 Long lasting Soothing Skincare 200ml

Moisturizing and lipid restoring body... 

USD 32.82(-) USD 29.53

Lysaskin Xerolys 50 Keratolytic and Moisturizing Emulsion -40ml-

Callus treatment 

USD 28(-) USD 25.5

Medinfar ketopan Dermatological Soap 100g

Dermatological soap 

USD 20.5(-) USD 18.29

MyCare 2 in 1 Massage and Hydration Gel -150ml-

Massage gel 

 USD 11.16

Mycogel Foaming Cleansing Gel -150ml-

Irritated skin treatment 

 USD 20

Natessance Oil Care Organic Arnica Oil -100ml-

Muscular Massage Oil 

 USD 37.33

NeoStrata Problem Dry Skin Cream -100g-

Dry skin intensive treatment 

USD 44(-) USD 39.6

Noreva Alpha KM Body Firming Care 200ml

Anti-aging body firming treatment 

USD 43.29(-) USD 34.63

Noreva Aquareva Moisturizing Body Cream 400ml

Moisturizing body cream 

USD 39.96(-) USD 31.97

Noreva Aquareva Repairing Hand Cream -50ml-

Hand care 

USD 15.91(-) USD 12.73

Noreva Episoft A Restructuring Body Care 200ml

Body cream 

USD 33.3(-) USD 26.64

Noreva Kerapil Dermo-Regulating Care -75ml-

Anti-roughness care 

USD 21.09(-) USD 16.87

Noreva Postopyl + Accompanying care for scarring phases repairs -30ml-

Skin repair treatment due to... 

USD 17.76(-) USD 14.21

Noreva Psoriane Intensive Shampoo 125ml

Soothing shampoo against flake scalp 

USD 27.75(-) USD 22.2

Noreva Psoriane Soothing Moisturizing Fluid 200ml

Soothing moisturizing fluid 

USD 38.85(-) USD 31.08

Noreva Sebodiane DS Sebum-Regulating Micro-Emulsion 30ml

Sebum-regulating emulsion. 

USD 27.75(-) USD 22.2

Noreva Sebodiane DS Sebum-Regulating Serum 8ml

Sebum-regulating serum 

USD 26.64(-) USD 21.31

Noreva Sedax Dermo-Soothing Care Localised Areas -30ml-

Cutaneous irritations treatment 

USD 16.65(-) USD 13.32

Noreva Trio D Depigmenting Emulsion 30ml

Depigmenting emulsion 

USD 38.85(-) USD 31.08

Noreva Trio White Intensive Depigmenting Night-Care 30ml

Depigmenting night care 

USD 46.62(-) USD 37.3

Noreva Xerodiane AP+ Anti-Irritation Cream 40ml

Noreva Xerodiane AP+ Anti-Irritation... 

USD 22(-) USD 19.8

Noreva Xerodiane AP+ Cleansing cream 500ml

Cleansing cream 

USD 36.63(-) USD 29.3

Noreva Xerodiane AP+ Emollient Cream 200ml

Emollient cream for face and body 

USD 37.74(-) USD 30.19

Noreva Xerodiane AP+ Relipidant Nourishing Balm 200ml

Nourishing balm 

USD 37.74(-) USD 30.19

Noreva Xerodiane Plus Face Emollient for Very Dry & Atopic Skin -40ml-

Cutaneous dryness treatment 

USD 24.33(-) USD 21.9

Noreva Xerodiane Plus Nourishing Balm for Very Dry & Atopic Skin -200ml-

Care for atopic-prone skin. 

USD 32(-) USD 28.8

Noreva Xerodiane Plus Soap-Free Gentle Foaming Gel -250ml-

Daily hygiene for very dry & atopic skin 

USD 21(-) USD 18.9

Noreva Xerodiane Plus Soap-Free Gentle Foaming Gel -745ml-

Daily hygiene for very dry & atopic skin 

USD 37.74(-) USD 30.19

Onagrine Nourishing Hand and Nail Cream 30ml

Hand and nail cream 

USD 13.32(-) USD 11.99

Opal London Eco Spa Aloe Infusion Moisturising Gloves

Moisturizing Gloves 

USD 20(-) USD 18

Payot Crème N°2 Anti-irritant & Anti-redness Treatment Care -30ml-

Redness & Irritation treatment 

USD 40(-) USD 34

Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Cream 75 ml

Dry and sensitive skin cream  

 USD 32.66

Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Lotion 200 ml

Dry and sensitive skin body lotion 

 USD 30

Pileje Porphyral HSP Derm -50ml-

Dehydrated skin cream 

USD 13.83(-) USD 12.44

Pluviophile Exfoliating Soaking Salts 8 shachets

Exfoliating soaking salts  

USD 16(-) USD 14.4

Puressentiel Anti-Cellulite Firming Box

Cellulite Treatment 

 USD 70

Puressentiel Box Set Firming - Day and Night

Cellulite Treatment 

 USD 70

Puressentiel Express Firming Cream 150ml

Body Firming Oil 

USD 45.33(-) USD 40.79
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