Scarmed Silicon Gel aids the healing of damaged skin surfaces and is recommended as the first line of treatment in scar management.

Scarmed Silicon Gel 15g

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For all body areas
Suits all patients including children
Suitable for sensitive skin
Does not cause skin irritation
Non-sticky and rapid drying texture
Manages variable wounds and skin diseases
Forms protective and waterproof layer when dried

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Scarmed Silicon Gel is a silicon gel that you can use for the management of new and existing scars. It protects the wound from the attack of microbial and chemical substances, thus helping the wound to heal naturally without leaving obvious scars. Scarmed Silicon gel manages scars that results from general surgery wounds, chronic wounds, burns, acne and other skin diseases.


-Provides 24 hour coverage when applied as directed.
-Relieves itching and discomfort associated with scars.
-Used on all areas of the body including the face and neck.


-Cetyl dimethicone


-Clean the affected are with water and dried. Then, apply the gel in a very thin layer. Massage the gel into the scar and the surrounding skin using a circular motion. Allow the gel to dry 4–5 minutes. Any surplus gel can be removed with a cloth or tissue. May be applied twice a day, in the morning and at bedtime.
-Avoid eye contact and do not use in open wounds
-For external use only


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