Thèophile Berthon Savon Noir Bain Douche Fleur D'orange with exceptional content of olive oil, 80% to the saponification, brings you all the natural assets that your skin needs

Thèophile Berthon Savon Noir Bain Douche Fleur D'orange 500ml

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Cleansing Care

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Pure Vegetable, with Olive Pomace Oil.

Suitable for all skin types. Natural Fragrances, Orange Blossom, Lavender, and Peppermint.

Formulated from a vegetable foaming base, Olive pomace oil, rich in relaxing essential oils (Orange Blossom, mint-pepper ...).

Its fragrances and pleasant mousse help to relieve stress and calm the tensions of body and mind.

The orange blossom scent, a relaxing and flowery walk ...

Provides you a moment of well-being regenerating, relaxing and detoxifying.

The refined odors and the creamy texture of the Soap de Provence shower gel leave your skin nourished, clean and silky.
At least 98.5% ingredients are of natural origin


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