Nail Care

ACM Novophane Nail Cream 15 ml

Brittle and irregular nail cream 

USD 22.33(-) USD 19.99

Alma Fashion Nail Polish Remover -100ml-

Polish remover 

 USD 2

Biovisol Dissolvant Traitant 125ml

Nail polish remover 

USD 15.93(-) USD 14.33

Caudalie Hand & Nail Cream 75ml

Face Toner 

 USD 11.9

Ecotools Bamboo 2 Nail Files

Nail files 

 USD 4

EcoTools Recycled Steel Sapphire File

Nail file 

 USD 5

Glamour Institut Cuticle Scissors, Curved Ends

Cuticle cutter 

 USD 10

Glamour Institut Cuticules Pusher & Cutter

Cuticles cutter 

 USD 11

Glamour Institut Ongles 7-Sided Maxi Polisher

Manicure tools 

 USD 7.66

Glamour Pedicure Nail Clipper

Toe nail clipper 

 USD 10

Go Travel Fingers & Toes Nail Grooming Set

Nails care 

USD 23(-) USD 20.7

Herome Extra Strong Nails Set

Nail Set from Herome including... 

 USD 28

Herome Mini Nail Set

Nail set that includes products to help... 

 USD 19.33

Herome Nourishing Nail Oil 10ml

Nourishing oil for dry, hard and... 

 USD 13.99

Lady Care Nail Polish Remover -Apple- -120ml-

Polish remover 

 USD 1.33

Medisana Manicure/Pedicure Unit MPS

Manicure & Pedicure Set 

 USD 80

Ms. Manicure Cuticle Nipper

Nail tools 

 USD 12

Ms. Manicure Snippy in a Snap Nail Clipper

Nail clipper 

 USD 3.33

Nailene French Finish Personal Fit 77451 -24 nails-

Artificial nails 

 USD 10

Nailene Nail Studio Medium 71290 -24 nails-

Artificial nails 

 USD 10

Nailene Perfect Toes 77461 -24 nails-

Artificial toenails 

 USD 13.33

Natessance Argan Oil 50ml

100% pure argan oil 

 USD 25.33

Onykoleïne Sanitizing Solution Hands & Feet Nails -10ml-

Nails Care 

USD 18.31(-) USD 16.48

Provoc Acetone -150ml-

Polish remover 

 USD 4
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