Hormeta HormePure Gentle Exfoliating Peeling

Hormeta Horme™Pure Gentle Exfoliating Peeling -50ml-

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Gentle Exfoliating Peeling Cream

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The ultimate scrub to remove dead skin cells and impurities, smooth skin texture and revive the complexion.
Mechanical exfoliation achieved by a massaging motion promotes cell renewal. The skin is ready to receive the daily cream.
A formula, free from abrasive particles, drawn from the gentle exfoliating properties of white clay and the instantly refreshing feeling of menthol.

An original “gum” texture, without abrasive particles, for baby-soft skin.

90% Immediate lifting effect.

The skin is smoother 100%
The skin is more radiant 100%
Wrinkles and crow’s feet fine lines are blurred 100%
Signs of fatigue are reduced 100%


Apply in a very thin layer and leave to dry for a few seconds before exfoliating.
Rinse with water.
Once a week.
Not suitable for very sensitive or acne prone skin.


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    Not suitable for very sensitive or acne prone skin.
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