Crescina Hfsc 100% 1300 Shampoo Man helps with hair scalp thinning and male pattern baldness in its severe condition.

Fillerina Crescina Hfsc 100% 1300 Shampoo Man 200ml

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Shampoo for man hair-regrowth

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The most appropriate care for use during your hair scalp thinning treatment!

Crescina hfsc 100% 1300 man regrowth shampoo has been specially designed to take care of your hair and scalp during treatment with Crescina ampoules, for a gentle and non-aggressive way, provide the balance needed to restore the hair structure to achieve the ideal condition.

For men determined to fight for against hair thinning for their well-being!

Removes dirt, harmful waste and unpleasant hair and scalp. Connects the elements in their formulation against thinning, in order to integrate them in promoting hair regrowth.

A shampoo specific for weak hair and hair loss in severe conditions, suitable as a complement to treatment in ampoules, thanks to the presence of cysteine, lysine, glycoprotein and "Stem-engine" system.

- Contains glycerol in order to protect the capillary surface and a silicone based conditioning agent to soften the hair.
- Palmitoyl myristyl serinate: a similar chemical to Ceramide 2 (a natural molecule found in the hair) which reinforces its density, power and brilliance.
- Hydrolized kératine: (in female formulation the concentration is twice the male's formulation), which merges into the hair and remains even after rinsing, helping to strengthen the hair shaft. Thanks to its very small size and low molecular weight, is naturally absorbed by the natural keratin hair. It also helps to strengthen the existing intercellular cement in the cuticle of the hair shaft.


Distribute the shampoo evenly on wet hair.
Massage gently until it forms a soft foam.
Leave to act for 2 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.
Repeat the process required.


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      Palmitoyl myristyl serinate
      Hydrolized kératine

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