Hair Care

Lakme Teknia Body Maker Treatment Fine Or Brittle Hair -250ml-

Moisturizing treatment for fine or... 

USD 23.58(-) USD 21.22

Lakme Teknia Color Stay Conditioner Color-Treated Hair -300ml-

Protection conditioner for... 

USD 22.33(-) USD 20

Lakme Teknia Color Stay Shampoo Color-Treated Hair -300ml-

Protection shampoo for color-treated... 

USD 18.59(-) USD 16.73

Lakme Teknia Color Stay Shampoo Sulfate-Free -300ml-

Sulfate-free shampoo for color-treated... 

USD 22(-) USD 19.8

Lakme Teknia Curl Up Conditioner Curly Hair -300ml-

Moisturizing conditioner for curly hair 

USD 23.58(-) USD 21.22

Lakme Teknia Curl Up Shampoo 300 ml

Moisturizing shampoo for curly hair 

USD 18.59(-) USD 16.73

Lakme Teknia Deep Care Conditioner Dry or Brittle Hair -300ml-

Restoring conditioner for dry or... 

USD 23.66(-) USD 21.3

Lakme Teknia Deep Care Shampoo Dry or Brittle Hair -300ml-

Restoring shampoo for dry or brittle... 

USD 17.66(-) USD 15.9

Lakme Teknia Extreme Cleanse Shampoo -300ml-

Deep cleansing shampoo 

USD 18.66(-) USD 16.79

Lakme Teknia Gentle Balance Shampoo Normal Hair -300ml-

Frequent use shampoo for normal hair  

USD 22.66(-) USD 20.4

Lakme Teknia Straight Gel 300 ml

Frizzy or straightened hair gel 

USD 24.75(-) USD 22.27

Lakme Teknia Straight Gel Frizzy or Straightened Hair -300ml-

Hair gel 

USD 23.33(-) USD 18.66

Lakme Teknia Straight Shampoo Frizzy or Straightened Hair -300ml-

Smoothing shampoo for frizzy or... 

USD 18.59(-) USD 16.73

Lakme Teknia Straight Treatment Frizzy Or Straightened Hair -250nl-

Fortifying treatment for frizzy or... 

USD 27.86(-) USD 25

Lakme Teknia Sun Care Protection -100ml-

Solar protective spray for hair 

USD 16.15(-) USD 14.53

Lakme Teknia Sun Care Serum -100ml-

Repairing serum for sun-damaged ends 

USD 17.92(-) USD 16.13

Lakme Teknia Sun Care Shampoo -300ml-

After sun repair & protect shampoo 

USD 18.6(-) USD 16.8

Lakme Teknia Sun Care Treatment Damaged Hair -250ml-

After sun intensive restructuring... 

USD 27.86(-) USD 25

Lakme Teknia Ultra Clair Shampoo 300 ml

Toning shampoo for natural blonde,... 

USD 20.42(-) USD 18.37

Lakme Teknia Ultra Clair Treatment 250 ml

Blond hair treatment 

USD 31.63(-) USD 28.47

Lakme Teknia Ultra Gold Shampoo Golden Blonde Hair -300ml-

Shampoo to refresh golden blonde hair 

USD 20.42(-) USD 18.38

Lakme Teknia Ultra Gold Treatment Golden Blonde Hair -250ml-

Color refreshing mask for golden blonde... 

USD 31.63(-) USD 28.47

Medavita LCH Extreme Glossy Hair Gel -200ml-

Extreme Glossy Hair Gel 

USD 13.5(-) USD 12.15

Medavita LCH Extreme Matt Hair Wax -100ml-

Extreme Matt Hair Wax 

USD 16.83(-) USD 15.15

Medavita Lotion Concentrée Homme -100ml-

Men's Anti-Hair Loss Lotion 

USD 88(-) USD 79.2

Mesoestetic Tricology Hair Growth Intensive Lotion - 15 x 3 ml

Hair Loss Treatment for men & women 

USD 110(-) USD 99

Mesoestetic Tricology Intensive Hair Loss Shampoo -200ml-

Hair Loss Treatment for men & women 

USD 58(-) USD 52.2

Mycogel Foaming Cleansing Gel -150ml-

Irritated skin treatment 

 USD 20

Natessance Abricot Shampoo Kids 500ml

Organic Argan Oil Mask 

USD 17(-) USD 15.3

Natessance Argan Oil 50ml

100% pure argan oil 

 USD 25.33

Natessance Beurre De Karite

Face, Body and Hair 

USD 20(-) USD 18

Natessance Black Castor Oil 100ml

100% pure black castor oil 

 USD 23.33

Natessance Coco Dry Oil -100ml-

Body & face dry oil 

 USD 30

Natessance Embellisseur Mask 150ml

Organic Argan Oil Mask 

USD 17(-) USD 15.3

Natessance Fortifying and Regenerating Castor Oil 50ml

Hair and nails oil 

 USD 12

Natessance My Nature Set Coco

Dry oil, shampoo and conditioner 

 USD 40

Natessance Nigella Oil 50ml

100% pure nigella oil 

 USD 25.33

Natessance Regenerating Jojoba Oil -50ml-

Regenerating oil for hair, face & body 

 USD 18.66

Natessance Shea Oil 100ml

100% pure shea oil 

 USD 44.5

Natessance Wheat Germ Oil 100ml

Face, body and hair oil 

 USD 32
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