Fillerina Crescina Hfsc 100% 500 Man activates stem cells for hair-regrowth.

Fillerina Crescina Hfsc 100% 500 Man 20ampules

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Hair-growth treatment for medium grades of hair thinning and thinned hair scalp

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10 (Amber)Vials (Re-growth) , Crescina Re-Growth has always focused on hair thinning, it is not just another hair loss product, and it is designed to help prevent and treat hair thinning dependent on physiological causes ,and when the quantity and quality of hair gradually decreases due to disrupted hair follicle activity, Crescina formula stimulate natural hair growth by acting on bulbs that are still active or partially inactive .result after 4 months with 6300 new hair growing ,effective in 100% of the subjectes tested , with 9 patents: Switzerland, USA, EUROPE 

Crescina HFSC has 3 grades (for both men and women) designed on the basis of severity of hair loss.
1) Crescina HFSC 200: For initial grades of hair thinning
2) Crescina HFSC 500: For medium grades of hair thinning
3) Crescina HFSC 1300: For high grades of hair thinning


Each Each CRESCINA vial contains 3.5 mL of the preparation.
It should be used every day for 5 consecutive days followed by break of two days (e.g., the first 5 days of the week)
Each box contains 10 vials, for two weeks' treatment.
A minimum treatment of 2 months is recommended.


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      Cysteine, Lysine, Glycoprotein, Stem-Engine, Hydroxyproline, Aspartic Acid, Enzyme Activator and Taurine

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