Gold Masks are a unique product with a wide variety of active ingredients, including exceptional and precious particles of Gold.

Natural Collagen Inventia Pure Gold Mask 3 Masks

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Facial gold aask

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The nano gold particle developed by INVENTIA PT is only 1/2000 the size of our pore and can easily penetrate into the dermis. Its cell vitalizing function is strong, and the complementary ã-PGA, with a 4,600-fold of moisture storage capacity, serve to ionize the gold so that the gold molecules can penetrate into the skin by adhering to the ã-PGA. It facilitates metabolism so that the skin can self-produce collagen to fight against free-radicals, restoring your youthful, moisturized and crystal-like skin like ten years before from the inside out.


  • Instant moisturizing and hydration
  • Initial supplement of collagen
  • Repair of surface skin cells
  • Apparent reduction of fine lines
  • Apparent reduction of melanin


Apply mask to cleansed face, leave for 15 minutes. Then remove and rinse with water. Recommended to use the mask twice or three times a week.


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      Sodium PCA, Collagen, Aloe extract, Elastin, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B3 ,Vitamin E, Gold

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