Payot Crème N°2 Anti-irritant & Anti-redness Treatment Care -30ml-

Redness & Irritation treatment 

USD 40(-) USD 34

Payot Cure Intense Clarte Intense Multivitamin Radiance Cure -3x10ml-

Pigmentation Treatment 

USD 152(-) USD 129.2

Payot Design Lift Visage Reinforcing Lifting Facial Care -50ml-

Skin-aging Care 

USD 108.16(-) USD 91.94

Payot Hydra 24+ Cream Glacee 50ml

All skin types Normal skin and dry skin 

USD 55(-) USD 50

Payot Hydra 24+ Gel Cream Sorbet 50ml

Plumping moisturising care with Hydro... 

USD 55(-) USD 50

Payot Hydra 24+ Regard Glacon 15ml

•A moisturizing & anti-fatigue roll-on... 

USD 35(-) USD 31.5

Payot Liss Filler Wrinkle Filler Care Pen -10ml-

Skin-aging Care 

USD 53(-) USD 45.05

Payot Lotion Clarté Lightening Stimulating Toner -200ml-

Face Toner 

USD 33.66(-) USD 28.61

Payot My Payot Fluide Daily Radiance Care -50ml-

Face Moisturizer 

USD 42(-) USD 35.7

Payot Purement Nettoyant Detoxifying Foam -150ml-

Cleanser for oily to combination skin 

USD 44(-) USD 37.4

Payot Spéciale 5 Drying and Purifying Gel -15ml-

Skin Imperfections treatment 

USD 30(-) USD 25.5

Payot Techni Liss Cure Intense 21 Day Smoothing Program -3x10ml-

Skin aging Treatment 

USD 186(-) USD 158.1

Payot Techni Liss First Wrinkles Smoothing Care -50ml-

Anti-wrinkles Care 

USD 76(-) USD 64.6

Payot Techni Peel Masque Smoothing Peeling Mask -50ml-

Facial Peeling mask 

USD 60(-) USD 51
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