ISIS Pharma Bodytone White Depigmented & Moisturizing Body Milk is a body treatment range for pigmentation spots with a depigmenting and moisturizing body milk properties.

ISIS Pharma Bodytone White Depigmenting & Moisturizing Body Milk -100ml-

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Whitening-Depigmenting Body Moisturizer

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ISIS Pharma Bodytone White Depigmented & Moisturizing Body Milk -100ml- is rich in natural hydrating components associated to a complex of whitening active ingredients, BODYTONE WHITE helps your skin to recover its suppleness and brightness after few applications
Comforting boost of healing nutrients nourish, soften and deeply hydrate ashy skin while time release Cyclosporin Hydroquinone Complex rapidly lightens dark spots.
Fades dark spots with super strength lightening and brightening actives, restoring an even skin tone and promoting skin clarity and radiance.

Dark pigmented body skins
Whitening and moisturizing body milk

Light and non greasy texture
Paraben Free

Apply to affected areas on clean dry skin, preferably at night. Let dry. Avoid sun exposure.
Recommended to use an SPF 50 or higher everyday to avoid irritation or re-occurrence of pigmentation spots.


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      Active Ingredients:

      • 5% GLYCOLIC ACID: Gently exfoliates and reduces preformed melanin from the skin surface.

      • 2% ACTIVE DEPIGMENTING COMPLEX: Optimizes whitening of the skin

      • 5% KARITE BUTTER: Deeply nourishes and hydrates your skin.

      • 3% SQUALANE: Helps restore skin suppleness and comfort.

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