Face Toner

Avène Gentle Toner -200ml-

Facial hygiene 

USD 24.42(-) USD 21.98

Beesline Skin Toner 200ml

Toner for all skin types 

USD 16(-) USD 14.5

Beesline Whitening Facial Toner 200ml

Whitening toner 

USD 13.2(-) USD 11.88

Caudalie Beauty Elixir -100ml-

Face Toner 

USD 57.72(-) USD 46.17

Caudalie Grape Water Spray 200ml

Facial Mist 

USD 25.53(-) USD 20.42

Caudalie Grape Water Spray 75ml

Facial Mist 

USD 15.54(-) USD 12.43

Caudalie Jason Wu Beauty Elixir 30ml

Limited Edition Beauty Elixir 

USD 24.42(-) USD 19.53

Caudalie Moisturizing Toner 200ml

Toning Lotion 

USD 32.19(-) USD 25.75

Darphin Intral Toner -200ml-

Facial Toner with Chamomile for... 

USD 45(-) USD 41

Darphin Refreshing Toner -200ml-

Toner with Banana Tree Flower 

USD 35.2(-) USD 32

DCL Active Mattifying Tonic 200 ml

Face toner 

USD 38.85(-) USD 34.96

Dr.Organic Organic Snail Gel Cream 50ml

Anti-aging face cream 

USD 28.66(-) USD 25.79

Galénic 1, 2, 3 Beautiful Anti-Aging Kit

Galénic Aqua Infini ( Cleansing Lotion)... 

USD 27.83(-) USD 22.26

Galénic 1, 2, 3 Beautiful Skin Radiance Kit

Galénic Pureté Sublime ( Cleansing... 

USD 27.83(-) USD 22.26

Galénic 1, 2, 3 Beautiful Skin Zero Default Kit

Galénic Pureté Sublime ( Cleansing... 

USD 27.83(-) USD 22.26

Galénic Aqua Infini Skincare Lotion 200ml

Face Moisturizing Lotion 

USD 38.85(-) USD 31.08

Galenic Pur Refreshing Toner -200ml-

Face Toner 

USD 27.75(-) USD 22.2

Galénic Pureté Sublime Skin Renewal Lotion 200ml

Facial Skin Toner 

USD 44.4(-) USD 35.52

Garnier Toner with Aloe Extract 200ml

Toner for normal to combination skin 

 USD 7.33

Garnier Toner with Rose Water 200ml

Soothing toner for dry & sensitive skin 

 USD 7.33

Hormeta Rosee Cellulaire Precious Mist From The Alps -100ml-

Facial Mist 

USD 33(-) USD 26.4

Lierac Double Toning Gel Lotion 200 ml

Face toner 

USD 38.33(-) USD 34.5

Nuxe Gentle Toning Lotion 200ml

Toner with rose petals 

USD 26(-) USD 23.4

Obagi Balancing Toner by Suzanobagimd 200ml


USD 51.33(-) USD 46.19

PCA Skin Nutrient Toner 130.1ml


USD 54.66(-) USD 49.19

Resultime Micellar Cleansing Water -200ml-

Cleanser and Make-up remover 

USD 28.02(-) USD 25.22

Swiss Image Refreshing & Mattifying Toner 200ml

Toner for combination to oily skin 

USD 8(-) USD 6.5

Swiss Image Soothing Cleansing Toner 200ml

Toner for normal to dry skin 

USD 8(-) USD 6.5

Swisscare CleansingTonic -200ml-

Facial toner 

USD 42.4(-) USD 38

Vivier Skin Tx Toner -150ml-

Alcohol-free toner 

 USD 33

ZÉLL-V Rosemato Set

Phytocell skin treatment 

 USD 1500
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