Schaebens Eye & Lip Mask -4x1,5ml-

eye & lip Mask 

USD 5(-) USD 4

Beesline Daily Use Shampoo Fragrance Free 150ml

Shampoo with honey & olive oil 

 USD 5.5

Caudalie Vine Flower Instant Foaming Cleanser 50ml

Hydrating Cleanser 

USD 11.1(-) USD 8.88

Dr.Organic Organic Rose Otto Lip Serum 10ml

Anti-aging lip serum 

 USD 9

Bio-Oil Skincare Oil 60ml

Skincare oil 

 USD 10.5

Talika Eye Therapy Patch

Anti-wrinkles, anti-dark circles and... 

USD 12(-) USD 11

Talika Bio Enzymes Mask Neck 12g

The 1st Anti-Aging Mask for the Neck in... 

USD 14.7(-) USD 13.2

Talika Bio Enzymes Mask Anti Age 20g

Anti-Aging Mask 

USD 14.7(-) USD 13.2

Bio-Oil Skincare Oil 125ml

Skincare oil 

 USD 17.5

Nivea Cellular Anti-Age Eye Cream -15ml-

Anti-aging eye area care 

 USD 19.33

Dr. Organic Skincare Organic Snail Gel Anti-Aging Eye Serum 15ml

Anti-aging serum 

USD 22(-) USD 19.8

Dr.Organic Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Liquid Gold 50 ml

Multi-purpose super Argan oil 

USD 23.16(-) USD 20.84

Uriage Hyseac SOS Paste- Local Skin Care 15g

Spot Control, Purifying, Oily Skin 

USD 24.03(-) USD 21.62

Dermalia Eye Contour Care 15 ml

Anti-aging eye contour care 

USD 25.65(-) USD 21.8

Dr.Organic Organic Royal Jelly Eye Serum 15ml

Firming & Regenerating eye care 

USD 24.33(-) USD 21.9

Filorga Hand-Absolute 50ml

Ultimate rejuvenating hand & nail cream 

USD 25(-) USD 22.5

Dr.Organic Organic Rose Otto Eye Serum 15ml

Overnight repair complex 

USD 25.33(-) USD 22.8

Nuxe Prodigieuse Yeux -15ml-

Anti-fatigue moisturizing eye cream 

USD 27.75(-) USD 25

Filorga Optim-Eyes Lotion 110ml

Eye make-up remover serum 

USD 28(-) USD 25

Uriage Hyseac 3-Regul Global Skin Care 40ml

Limits spots and blackheads, refine... 

USD 28.69(-) USD 25.82

Nuxe Crème Prodigieuse DD Crème Medium Shade 30ml-

Moisturizing and beautifying tinted... 

USD 28.86(-) USD 25.97

Nuxe Crème Prodigieuse DD Crème Light Shade 30ml-

Moisturizing and beautifying tinted... 

USD 28.86(-) USD 26

Nuxe Crème Prodigieuse DD Crème Dark Shade SPF30 30ml-

Moisturizing and beautifying tinted... 

USD 28.86(-) USD 26

Uriage Eau Thermale Water Eye Contour Cream 15ml

Anti-aging water eye contour cream 

USD 29.02(-) USD 26.12

Nuxe White Brightening Moisturizing Lotion 200ml

Moisturizing lotion 

USD 31(-) USD 28

Soskin C.C Cream SPF 30 Antiage 02 Gold Skin A+ -20ml-

Color Control 3 in 1 - Exceptional... 

USD 32(-) USD 28.8

PCA Skin Acne Cream 14.2g

A fast-acting spot treatment for oily,... 

USD 32(-) USD 29

Héliabrine Capital Defense Eye Contour Treatment -15ml-

Eye contour care 

USD 32.33(-) USD 29.1

Nuxe Men Moisturizing Multi-Purpose Gel 50ml

Anti-fatigue moisturizing care for men 

USD 33.3(-) USD 29.97

Lierac Dioptifatigue Fatigue Correction Energizing Balm Gel 10ml

Eye contour gel 

USD 35.35(-) USD 31.81

Lierac Diopticerne Tinted Dark Circle Correction Cream 5 ml

Dark circle correction cream 

USD 35.35(-) USD 31.81

Noreva Noveane 3D Roll-On Anti-Ageing Eye & Lip cream -10ml-

Anti-aging care for lips and eyes  

USD 39.96(-) USD 31.97

Noreva Alpha KM Restructuring Eye Contour Care 15ml

Eye contour care 

USD 39.96(-) USD 31.97

Nuxe White Daily UV Protector SPF30 PA+++ 30ml

All skin types UV protection 

USD 40(-) USD 32

ISIS Pharma Light Eyes SPF30 -15ml-

Eye contour high protection cream 

USD 35.82(-) USD 32.24

Neocell Super Collagen+C Type 1&3 -120 Tablets-

Dietary Supplement 

USD 34.66(-) USD 32.92

Talika Lash Conditioning Cleanser


USD 36.7(-) USD 33

Labo Transdermic Rinse-Off Delicate Cleansing Cream 200ml

Delicate cleansing cream 

USD 38(-) USD 34.2

Filorga BB-Perfect SPF15 Anti-ageing Beauty Balm-Radiant Beige -30ml-

Anti-aging skin care 

USD 44(-) USD 35.2

Filorga BB-Perfect SPF15 Anti-ageing Beauty Balm-Golden sand -30ml-

Anti-aging skin care 

USD 44(-) USD 35.2
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