Dr.Organic Organic Lavender Handwash 250ml

Purifying hand cleanser 

 USD 19.98

Dr.Organic Organic Aloe Vera Handwash 250ml

Soothing cleanser for hands 

 USD 19.98

Dr.Organic Organic Vitamin E Pure Oil Complex 50ml

Moisturizing vitamin E oil 

 USD 39.96

Dr.Organic Organic Aloe Vera Conditioner 265ml

Hair conditioner 

 USD 35.29

Dr.Organic Organic Pomegranate Soap 100g

Cleansing soap 

 USD 16.65

Dr.Organic Organic Vitamin E Soap 100g

Calming and soothing soap 

 USD 16.65

Dr.Organic Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Soap 100g

Cleansing soap 

 USD 16.65

Dr.Organic Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml

Cold processed coconut oil 

 USD 21.97

Dr Organic Moroccan Glow Light Self Tan Mousse 150ml

Self-tanning mousse 

 USD 19.98

Ducray Sensinol Physioprotective Treatment Shampoo -200ml-

Sensitive scalps/Itching treatment 

USD 21.09(-) USD 18.98

Ducray Squanorm Anti-dandruff Treatment Shampoo Oily dandruff -200ml-

Oily dandruff treatment 

USD 22.2(-) USD 19.98

Ducray Kelual DS Anti-Dandruff Shampoo -100ml-

Anti-dandruff shampoo 

USD 23.5(-) USD 18.5

Ducray Argeal Sebum-absorbing Treatment Shampoo -150ml-

Frequent use for Oily/Greasy hair 

USD 17.76(-) USD 15.98

Ducray Neoptide Chronic Hair Loss in Women -3x30 mL bottles-

Anti-Hair Loss Treatment  

USD 83.25(-) USD 74.93

Ducray Keracnyl Foaming Gel 200ml

Cleansing gel for face & body 

 USD 18.66

Ducray Keracnyl PP Anti-blemish Soothing Care -30ml-

Skin imperfections treatment 

USD 34.41(-) USD 30.97

Ducray Kelual Infant Cradle Cap Emulsion -50ml-

Squamous & irritated skin treatment 

USD 18.87(-) USD 16.98

Ducray Kelual DS Squamo-reducing Soothing Cream -40ml-

Skin redness & irritation treatment 

USD 21.09(-) USD 18.98

Ducray Melascreen Eclat Lightening Light Cream SPF15 -40ml-

Pigmentation treatment 

USD 34.41(-) USD 30.96

Ducray Anaphase+ Anti-Hair Loss Complement Shampoo 400ml

Anti-hair loss treatment  

 USD 22.33

Ducray Melascreen Global Serum 30ml

Ducray Melascreen Global Serum corrects... 

USD 55.5(-) USD 49.95

Ducray Anacaps Tri-Activ -30 capsules-

Hair and nail treatment 

USD 44.83(-) USD 40

Ducray Ictyane Nutri UV Rich Cream SPF30 40ml

Nourishing and protective daily face... 

 USD 13.5

Ducray Keracnyl Foaming Gel 400ml

Cleansing gel for face & body 

 USD 22.3

Emerald Bay Choco Latta-Love Bronzer 250ml

Double shot bronzer 

 USD 30

Emerald Bay Definitely Dark Bronzer 250ml

Pure accelerator 

 USD 30

Emerald Bay Mojo Hot Bronzer 250ml

Double shot bronzer 

 USD 30

Emerald Bay Definitely Black Bronzer 250ml

Boosting & repairing bronzer 

 USD 30

Emerald Bay Dark Escape Bronzer 250ml

Hypoallergenic intensifier 

 USD 30

Emerald Bay Black Emerald Bronzer 250ml

Hypoallergenic bronzer 

 USD 30

Emerald Bay Sun Luvin' Bronzer 250ml

Triple bronzer 

 USD 30

Emerald Bay Tropical Blush Bronzer 250ml

Blushing bronzer 

 USD 30

ESI Rigenforte Anti-Dandruff Shampoo -200ml-

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 

USD 18.5(-) USD 16.5

ESI Rigenforte Energizing Shampoo -200ml-

Anti Hair Loss Shampoo 

USD 17.5(-) USD 15.74

ESI Rigenforte Revitalizing Hair Conditioner -150ml-

Hair conditioner 

USD 12.67(-) USD 11.4

ESI Rigenforte -30 capsules-

Hair, nails and skin supplement 

USD 25.56(-) USD 23

EUBOS Mild Shampoo -150ml-

Daily shampoo 

USD 11(-) USD 9.9
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