Regardless of your ethnic background or skin colour, eventually most of us will struggle with some kind of brown or ashen pigmentation problem. Skin will either appear lighter or darker than normal in concentrated areas, or you may notice blotchy, uneven patches of brown to gray discolouration or freckling.


Start with Sunscreen

The best way to truly reduce the appearance of brown spots and prevent new ones is daily application of a broad-spectrum sunscreen, rated SPF 15 or greater (and greater is better where fading discoloration is a concern).

If you aren't using a sunscreen 365 days a year, even when you're inside, dark spots and uneven skin tone won't budge, not even a little bit.

Find the Best Exfoliant

Skin naturally sheds billions of skin cells each day. When this natural shedding slows or stops due to sun damage, dry skin, oily skin, genetics, or different skin disorders, the results are unmistakable: dull, dry, or flaky skin; clogged pores; blemishes; white bumps; and uneven skin tone. Using an exfoliant steps in to help put everything in balance again.

When you gently get rid of built-up skin cells you can undo clogged pores, stop breakouts, smooth out wrinkles, even make dry skin become a thing of the past! You're on your way toward brighter, smoother, more radiant skin that will look younger, not to mention be free from acne, blackheads, and bumps.

The Ultimate Antiaging Team

Retinol, paired with potent antioxidants like, vitamins C and E, treat multiple signs of aging, including sun damage and uneven skin tone.

How They Work: Skin responds best when retinol is combined with antioxidants, helping to repair damaged skin cells and protecting against free-radical damage that can lead to a mottled, uneven complexion. When paired with other skin-lightening products and daily sunscreen, you'll see younger, beautifully even skin!

Target Dark Spots

Hydroquinone targets discolourations from sun damage (or hormonal changes) with force, you'll see results and target other such skin concerns as breakouts or rough texture! Hydroquinone slows melanin production to the sun-damaged areas of the skin.