klorane Baby Ultra-rich soap Very soft gentle soap

klorane Baby Ultra-rich soap 250g

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klorane Baby Ultra-rich soap, extra mild.

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Daily toilet for infants, young children 
and fragile and delicate skins. 

This SOFT SURGRAS soap is very gentle, cleans without irritating or drying the skin. It is therefore ideal for the washing of sensitive skin of babies. 

It owes its rare sweetness to its composition: oily extract of Calendula, with calming and anti-irritating virtues, sweet almond oil, beeswax. 

Paraben free.


Lather the soapy supergreased soap Klorane Bébé in your hands and apply it on your baby's face and body. Rinse thoroughly with clear water. Dry it gently without forgetting the skin folds. Rinse in case of contact with the eyes. 


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      Sodium palmate, sodium palm kernelate , water (aqua), fragrance (fragrance), glycerin , palm kernel acid, aluminum hydroxide, benzoic acid , beta-carotene, calendula officinalis flower extract, camelina sativia seed oil, ethylexhyl palmitate, iron oxides (prunus amygdalus dulcis oil), sodium chloride , tetrasodium <a href="" cla

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