Health, Grooming & Safety

Avent Digital Bath and Bedroom Thermometer

Bath & Bedroom Thermometer 

USD 33.33(-) USD 29.99

Avent My First Baby Care Set

Baby care kit 

USD 50(-) USD 45

Avent Soother Clip 0m+

Soother holder 

USD 10(-) USD 9

Avent Teat Travel Pack

Teats travel pack 

USD 8(-) USD 7.2

Baby Soother Clip 'Clip Clap' With Chain 0m+

Soother holder 

USD 7(-) USD 6

Braun LF40 Thermoscan Lens Filters -40 Pcs-

Thermometre accessory 

 USD 13.33

Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer NTF3000

Baby thermometer 

USD 83.66(-) USD 75.3

Braun ThermoScan 7 IRT 6520

Ear thermometer 

 USD 93.33

Chicco Brush & Comb Blue 0m+

Hair brush & comb 

USD 8(-) USD 7.2

Chicco Cotton Buds 0m+ -90pcs-

Baby cotton buds 

 USD 3.5

Chicco Hoopla Baby Bouncer Greenland 0m+


USD 128(-) USD 109

Chicco Humi 3 Cold Humidifier 0M+

Cold Humidifier 

USD 87(-) USD 78

Chicco Humi Essence Hot Humidifier

Hot Humidifier 

USD 80.3(-) USD 72.3

Chicco London Stroller 0m+

Baby stroller 

USD 128(-) USD 115.2

Chicco Mia Baby Boucing Chair Red 0m+


USD 128(-) USD 109

Chicco Multifunction Gum Gel 4m+ -30ml-

Teething Pain Reliever 

 USD 6.66

Chicco Nasal Aspirator Baby Safe Hygiene 0m+

Nasal Aspiration 

USD 6.5(-) USD 5.85

Chicco PhysioClean Nasal Aspirator 0M+

Nasal Aspirator 

USD 15.5(-) USD 14

Dologel Gingival Gel 25ml

Gingival gel 

 USD 8.83

ESI Fermental Max -20 Capsules-

Intestinal Flora Dietary Supplement 

USD 19.81(-) USD 17.83

Ezy Dose Dr. Clown Medicine Spoon-Dropper -1Tsp.-

Spoon Dropper 

 USD 3.83

Ezy Dose Spoon-Dropper -1Tsp.-

Spoon Dropper 

 USD 3

Go Travel Kids Chair Harness

Kids Chair Support 

USD 35(-) USD 31.5

Go Travel Kids Change Mat

Baby Travel Changing Mat 

USD 12.5(-) USD 11.25

Go Travel Kids Comfort Blanket

Babies Travel blanket 

USD 25(-) USD 22.5

Go Travel Kids Hooded Body Towel

Baby towel 

USD 25(-) USD 22.5

Go Travel Kids Long Sleeved Bib

Feeding bib 

USD 16.5(-) USD 14.85

Go Travel Kids Neoprene Bib

Feeding bib 

USD 15(-) USD 13.5

Go Travel Kids Snug & Hug Monkey Neck Pillow

Kids Travel Pillow 

USD 20(-) USD 18

Hannox Powered Nasal Aspirator ME 8202 0M+

Nasal aspirator 

 USD 37.33

Kin.Baby Teething Gel -30g-

Dental gel for babies 

 USD 5.86

Motorola MBP36S Digital Video Baby Monitor

Digital monitor 

USD 266(-) USD 239

Nuk Baby Comb and Brush Set 0m+

Hair brush & comb 

USD 4.5(-) USD 4.05

Nuk Easy Clip Safety Nail Clipper

Nail clipper  

 USD 4

Nuk Nasal Decongester

Nasal Aspirators 

 USD 5.33

Omron Flex Temp Smart Digital Thermometer

Baby thermometer 

 USD 12

Rio Body Temperature Monitor

Temperature Monitor 

USD 81.33(-) USD 73.2
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