Mustela Liniment Diaper Change Cleanser 400ml gently cleanses the delicate baby diaper area while durably moisturizing and protecting the skin in one easy step.

Mustela Liniment Diaper Change Cleanser 400ml

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Gentle cleansing care, a daily use for the cleansing of the baby's diaper area from birth on.

Form a protective film to insulate the baby skin from external aggressions due to humidity and diaper rubbing.

Rich and smoothie texture, ideal for the cleansing of the baby diaper area.

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Mustela Liniment Diaper Change Cleanser a soft and soothing care for the baby's diaper area which may be used from birth on. This rich and creamy product gently cleans the skin of the baby's buttocks and effectively protects the skin at the time of each diaper change. Its rich and creamy texture, created from a traditional mixture with a base of olive oil. Indeed forms a protective layer that isolates the baby's delicate skin from external aggressions. Such as humidity and chaffing from contact with the diaper. To offer the best form of liniment. Mustela has reformulated this recipe and also selected an extra-virgin olive oil rich in omega 6 and 9 fatty acids.

Main Ingredients :

  • Extra-virgin olive oil protects the baby's skin thanks to its high content of omega 6 and 9 fatty acids;
  • Corn oil moisturizes and nourishes the baby's skin;
  • Carrot oil helps to maintain the health and also elasticity of the skin.

How to use :

From birth on, apply Mustela Liniment Diaper Change Cleanser at every diaper change, using a cotton on the baby's skin. No need to rinse but shake well before use.


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