Medela Washable Bra Pads 4 pads

Reusable bra pads 

 USD 27

Munchkin Deluxe Fresh Food Feeder 6m+


USD 7.58(-) USD 6.8

Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder

Feeding tool 

USD 8.88(-) USD 8

Munchkin Mighty Grip Fork & Spoon 12m+

Baby forks & spoons 

USD 9.41(-) USD 8.47

Munchkin Powdered Formula Dispenser

Formula Dispenser 

USD 8.8(-) USD 8

Munchkin Shampoo Rinser 6m+

Bathing accessories 

USD 12.4(-) USD 11.16

Munchkin Silicone Spoons 4m+


USD 12.65(-) USD 11.38

Munchkin Soft Tip Infant Spoons 3m+ -6 Pcs-

Feeding spoons 

USD 8.8(-) USD 7.92

Munchkin Sponge Bottle Brush

Bottle & Nipple Brush 

 USD 6.66

Munchkin Weighted Flexi-Straw Cup 6m+ -207ml-

Feeding cup 

USD 15(-) USD 13.5

Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons 3m+ -4 Pcs-

Feeding spoons 

USD 12.5(-) USD 11.25

Mustela Bébé Vitamin Barrier Cream 1 2 3 -50ml-

Diapper rash craem 

USD 13.15(-) USD 11.84

Mustela Hydra Bébé Face Cream 40ml

Baby face care 

USD 14.63(-) USD 13.17

Natessance Sweet Almond Oil 250ml

Nourishing oil for face and body 

 USD 32

NeoMamma Stretch Marks Cream 200ml

Anti Stretch Marks Cream 

USD 28.66(-) USD 25.8

Nexcare Maternity Support

Maternity support 

USD 55(-) USD 50

Nutrisanté Ultrabiotique Infantile 7 Sachets

To promote a healthy intestinal... 

 USD 7.33

Omron Flex Temp Smart Digital Thermometer

Baby thermometer 

 USD 15.58

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks 250ml

Anti-stretch mark lotion 

USD 16.66(-) USD 14.99

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks 125g

Anti-stretch marks butter 

USD 10(-) USD 9

Pharmamed Almond Baby Skin Care Cream 75 ml

Baby skin care cream 

 USD 6.6

Plameca Melanoctina Drops 50ml

Melatonin sleep aid supplement 

 USD 5.83

Puressentiel Anti-Pique Spray -75ml-

Repellent & soothing mosquitos spray 

USD 19(-) USD 17.1

Purigel NF -50ml-

After bites care 

 USD 7.33

Ryco Handy Diaper Bag

Nursery Bag 

 USD 54.66

Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath -200ml-

Baby bubble bath 

USD 8.33(-) USD 7.5

Sebamed Baby Children's Shampoo -250ml-

Baby shampoo 

USD 11(-) USD 9.9

Sebamed Baby Cleansing Wipes 72-Backordered

Baby wipes 

USD 6.33(-) USD 5.7

Sebamed Baby Diaper Rash Cream -100ml-

Diaper area Skin Care 

USD 11.33(-) USD 10.19

Sebamed Baby Extra Soft Baby Wash -200ml-

Baby cleanser 

USD 8.83(-) USD 7.95

Sebamed Baby Sun Care Multi Protect Sun Milk 200ml

Baby sunscreen 

USD 27.83(-) USD 25

Stérimar Baby Nasal Hygiene Spray -50ml-

Baby's nose care 

 USD 8.33

Stérimar Baby-Child Blocked Nose Spray -50ml-

Baby's nose care 

 USD 8.5

Suavipiel Baby Natural Sea Sponge

Baby natural sponge 

USD 10(-) USD 9

Suavipiel Baby Soft Sponge x2

Baby bath sponge 

 USD 5.34

Tangle Teezer Magic Flowerpot Popping Purple Hair Brush

Detangling hair brush for little girls 

USD 17.83(-) USD 14.26
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